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Kamis, 28 Mei 2009

Password fields are no longer allowed on forms

Dear iklangede,

You receive this email because you have an active account and web forms on Emailmeform.com . This also should be received only by members on the free Plan, if you are a Plus Plan member please let us know ( don't forget to mention your username ).

We are glad to announce that because of good support from our users, our service has been continuously improved. We have a long list of implemented features that just wait to be uploaded.

Because of the actions of some dishonest users, it has become against our user policy to use a 'password' field on the forms. If you have any forms where you ask for passwords, please consider editing them and remove the password field, to avoid having your account suspended.

This week ( and this week only ) we offer several incentives for you to upgrade to the Plus Plan membership..

First, and foremost, upgrading to the Plus Plan gives you the ability to:

- create more than 5 forms
- customize the error page to look as your website ( same style and layout )
- customize captcha style
- send a copy of submission to your visitors

Also, upgrading the next days ( by the end of 31th May ) you will get:

Two set of beautiful icons
1000 awensome website templates
More information:

If you would prefer to make a donation instead, you can send any amount by paypal to: sergiu@pcsafesoftware.com

Thank you again, and looking forward to hear from you!

Alexandru Marias
Phone: +40 769 218687

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To remove your account with us please click here: http://www.emailmeform.com/?v=deleteaccount&userid=129889&p=9ce701654307ed22d34b27b0550d484b

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