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Senin, 11 Mei 2009

Our services experienced technical difficulties experiences between 4th and 5th May

Hello iklangede,

Our service experienced technical difficulties between 4th and 5th May.
The issue is fixed and our service is running at full capacity.

The problem was caused by a few dishonest users who attempted to use their forms in an illegal way, by sending out emails telling people that their email mailboxes were getting full, and asking them to submit their email passwords into the forms they created for free at our service.

As a response, our website has been temporary suspended and made inaccessible by the Internet Service Provider by blocking the Name Servers.

We have found and removed the illegal forms, and now our service is back up and running.

We apologise for the inconvenience, and we will make sure this will not happen again in the future, by carefully reviewing all new forms, as well as old forms that are modified, to ensure that no forms will be created for illegal purposes.

We will have to hire new personnel for this purpose, as we have several hundred of new webmasters signing up each day, with even more new forms created each day.

This is why we need your financial support, we appreciate the help all current Plus Plan Members, and we also appreciate the help of all free members who consider upgrading to the Plus Plan.

We didn\'t had a downtime in over 18 months, we also hope that these problems won\'t appear again in the future, and that we will be able to provide you with a reliable and easy to use service.

Under normal circumstances ( on the Free Plan ), your web form relies on emailmeform server to work, as when someone fills up your web form, emailmeform processes the data and sends you an email.

On the Plus Plan, you can download the entire PHP and HTML code of your form and upload it to your website.
When your form gets submitted, your own website does the form processing and sends you the email.
This way your web form will rely only on your website alone, any problems on our service will not affect your web form.

Downloading the entire PHP and HTML code of your form is accessible only to Plus Plan members.

Being a Plus Plan Member also have other advantages, such as the ability to customize the Captcha code, by using the easy tool at


As a Plus Plan member you can download the Full Version of Captcha Creator ( at no extra cost ) to install it on your website, making your forms completely independent

Also, if you have suggestions or feature requests, please let us know!

Thank you, and please let us know if you encounter any problems!

Best regards,
Alexandru Marias
Phone: +40769218687

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